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Economy Hotels In China

RRP $336.99

While economy or budget hotels have been popular in western countries since the end of the Second World War, they have only emerged as a sector in their own right in China since the mid-1990s. Indeed, as a new service industry sector, economy hotels in China demonstrate important characteristics which can be used to illustrate and help explain China's current economic progress more generally.

This book provides a comprehensive overview of the economy hotel sector in China. It covers macro-level social-cultural, economic, environmental, geographic and development issues, alongside micro-level consideration of the budget hotel companies' innovative management and marketing procedures, business expansion strategies, general hotel management and operation issues, as well as an analysis of some leading entrepreneurs in the sector, and in-depth case studies examining the most successful economy hotel companies in China. Huang and Sun argue that the rapid development of budget hotels in China demonstrates how, under the influence of globalisation, Chinese businesses have become more innovative as they apply successful western business models to China. In turn, they show that the China model is fundamentally different in terms of its driving force, which lies purely in its domestic travel market, fuelled by China's continued economic growth. There is therefore much to explore about both China's market situation and business practices in the economy hotel sector and this book makes an important contribution to our understanding of China's new business environment.

Based on extensive fieldwork and investigation, Economy Hotels in China will be welcomed by students and scholars of tourism, hospitality, business studies and Chinese studies, but it will also appeal to practitioners of business management in these sectors who are interested in China's development and business opportunities in China.

Globalisation, Economic Transition And The Environment

RRP $326.99

This timely volume brings together some of the leading thinkers in ecological economics to show that achieving sustainable development will require economies to operate within ecological limits; nations to produce and maintain better rather than more physical wealth; and the international community to restore 'internationalist' institutions and trading arrangements. This book focuses on three critical issues pertaining to the broader goal of sustainable development - namely, the degenerative forces of globalisation, ecological sustainability requirements, and how best to negotiate the economic transition process. While the applicability of ecological sustainability to sustainable development is obvious, the association between economic transition and sustainable development, and more particularly, how globalisation forces can impact negatively on the sustainable development process, is poorly understood. This path-breaking book brings together some of the leading practitioners in the field of sustainable development to discuss these issues and to outline ways to achieve sustainable development without the perceived need for continuous growth. The book culminates with a number of policy recommendations and institutional modifications to assist nations and the global community to achieve sustainable development. This book will prove invaluable for academics and researchers in ecological, environmental, and natural resource economics as well as sustainable development, globalisation and international trade. Practitioners and policy-makers at all levels will find this resource both interesting and instrumental to their work.

Penny Dreadful Presents ... The Haunted Hotel

RRP $18.99

"The startling contrast between the corpse-like pallor of her complexion and the overpowering life and light, the glittering metallic brightness in her large black eyes, held him literally spell-bound."

The ghost of Lord Montberry haunts the Palace Hotel in Venice --- or does it? Montberry's beautiful-yet-terrifying wife, the Countess Narona, and her erstwhile brother are the center of the terror that fills the Palace Hotel. Are their malefactions at the root of the haunting -- or is there something darker, something much more unknowable at work?

The Countess writes a ghost story in the form of a play which is in effect a confession of a murder by herself and her husband. The story, which might be fiction or may very well be the truth, tells a grisly tale of a body decapitated and disposed of by acid

Wilkie Collins's little known horror-ghost story of 1878 recalls his two prior triumphs 'The Woman in White' and 'The Moonstone' with its use of detective procedures and mystery-genre plot twists that made those two earlier novels so popular with Victorian readers.


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