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Covering Globalization

RRP $354.99

The first journalism textbook for reporters who cover finance and economics in developing and transitional countries, Covering Globalization is an essential guide to the pressing topics of our times. Written by economists from the Asian Development Bank and the International Monetary Fund as well as journalists who have worked for Dow Jones, the "Financial Times, " the "New York Times, Fortune, " and Reuters -- and with an introduction by Nobel Laureate Joseph E. Stiglitz -- this invaluable resource helps reporters write about subjects such as banking and banking crises, pension reform, privatization, trade agreements, central banks, the World Bank, sovereign debt restructuring, commodity markets, corporate governance, poverty-eradication programs, and the "resource curse."

Each chapter explains the basic economic principles and current thinking on a given topic and provides

tips on what to look for when covering specific subjects;

a way to structure business and economics stories;

a way to use the Internet for reporting with links to more information online;

extensive glossaries and much more.

Become Your Own Herbalist

RRP $13.99

This is a simple easy to use guide to understand herbal formulas

Globalization And Development: Volume Iii

RRP $341.99

Globalization and Development is a "cross-national study" on the "interstate dispersion" of the impacts (to growth, inequality and poverty) that international economic integration provides to the economies of the developing countries. In order to present the "Leading Issues in Development with Globalization" in a balanced manner, to identify differences and commonalities among "Country Experiences" in development with globalization, and to introduce diversified development paradigms with forward-looking discussions "In Search of a New Development Paradigm" for the post-MDGs era, this publication consists of three volumes and four main parts.

Volume III (Part IV) presents the diversified development paradigms such as the GNH (Bhutan), the Sufficiency Economy (Thailand), the Reform and Opening Up (China), the African and Latin American paradigms, and the Islamic development paradigm. The Concluding Chapter presents the evolution of development paradigms in the global development cooperation community after WWII, and then offers a glimpse into new development paradigms for the post-MDGs era.

This book intends to serve as a unique and comprehensive guide for those in the international development community on the subjects of diversified development paradigms/paths under globalization and other challenges in the post-MDGs era.

A Kid's Guide To The American Revolution

RRP $13.99

The war was raging all around him. Johnny was only twelve years old, so he wasn't allowed to pick up a gun or to be a soldier. However, he still had a very important job on the battlefield: he was the messenger for American Major General Gates. While he waited for the scouts to come back with their reports of British troop movements, Johnny could hear the musket balls whizzing above him, breaking branches in the trees. His father was out there in the battle lines, and through the smoke on the field, Johnny could just barely see him finish loading his musket, step to the right, take aim, and fire the weapon. The gun rocked as it fired and let out a cloud of smoke as the black powder exploded in the barrel, pushing the musket out at high speed. Johnny's father stepped back behind a tree to reload his musket- something that took even the best trained soldier about twenty seconds to do- before coming out to fire again. And so begins the fascinating history of the American Revolution. It's hard to imagine America ever faced times so hard, but in this book, just for kids, you'll find out what happened and what it was like to be a kid during these times. KidCaps is an imprint of BookCaps Study Guides; with dozens of books published every month, there's sure to be something just for you! Visit our website to find out more.

Multicentric Identities In A Globalizing World

RRP $262.99

The volume represents the continuing of the Yearbook of Idiographic Science project, born in 2009 and developed through an annual series of volumes collecting contributes aimed at developing the integration of idiographic and nomothetic approaches in psychology and more in general social science. This year's YIS project received many positive feedbacks and signals of interest, as well as several submissions, from many parts of the world. This fifth volume directs attention to relevant and actual psycho-social phenomena as the development of identity in terms of self identity, social identity and local identity. The volume is directed to students, researchers and clinicians, interested in deepening theoretical and methodological issues and improve clinical practices and research cultures.


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