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Rethinking Border Control For A Globalizing World

RRP $359.99

This book identifies some broad parameters that could guide a political project of peacemaking at the territorial borders of the nation-state.

Contemporary border controls have been analysed by critical criminologists in terms of criminalisation and state crime, and are often characterised as a form of war at the border. In a policy context in which current understandings of the law and politics of national sovereignty and the economic imperatives of neo-liberal globalization appear to reduce the space available for practical action, this volume adopts an innovative methodology to identify the conditions of possibility for a relaxation of border defences.

Each contributor discusses the prospects for a relaxation of border controls within a specified 'border domain' that aligns with their field of expertise. These domains have been identified by asking the question: What is the purpose of contemporary territorial borders? What interests and values are they mobilised to protect? The authors engage in a thought experiment, each addressing an identical set of questions within their assigned domain. The idea is to contain the prospect of unlimited speculation about the future by setting out a series of steps derived from scenario planning techniques, in which a 'preferred future' is identified (in this case, a future in which border crossing is available on an equitable and relatively open basis), and practical steps are then identified to reach the imagined goal. The imagined future could be a differently bordered, not a borderless world. There may still be inequalities in mobility and other entitlements in practice in this differently bordered world, and it could be a more physically settled world, not necessarily a world of incessant motion. These possibilities are worked through by the individual authors' giving close attention to the empirical realities and prospects for change within their assigned domain.

This book will be of much interest to students of border studies, migration, peacemaking, critical security studies and IR in general.

Confessions Of A Back Porch Herbalist

RRP $13.99

Four years ago, I made the decision to heal from rheumatoid arthritis using cannabis. I had experienced severe RA for nearly 13 years at that time, and prescribed drugs had little effect. I became an OMMP patient in 2010, and began medicating with concentrates at the end of that year after my harvest was complete. A few years later, I began supplementing with herbs. As a disclaimer, I'm not a doctor, or a naturopath, or any type of a medical professional, and this book does NOT suggest that anyone should do any of the things I have done. This was a choice I made after experiencing what I did. I'm a witch, an empath, and a mostly self-taught herbalist. I believe everything and everyone are extensions of Source/Goddess Energy and in nonphysical form, we are one with each other. Herbs and plants that are here to nourish and heal us resonate with Goddess Energy. We need only be still and receive that knowing, that blessing, and then understand our connection to the world around us. If this serves as a beginning point for others to take charge of their own health and healing, then may Goddess bless them and guide their way.

The Kybalion

RRP $31.95

2016 Reprint of 1908 Edition. This guide offers a modern interpretation of Hermetic doctrine, distilling its teachings into seven compelling principles that can be applied to self-development in daily life. For centuries, the legendary Egyptian man-god Hermes Trismegistus - regarded as the father of astrology, alchemy, and other magical arts - inspired writers and readers of occult literature. In 1908, the anonymous authors known as "Three Initiates" prepared this concise and engaging edition of the master's teachings. It outlines the Hermetic principles and then examines them in depth, offering direct quotations from the source material, followed by clear explanations. The best introduction to Hermeticism for beginners and adepts alike, this definitive edition of one of esoteric literature's classics explores principles relevant to any religious, spiritual, or magical tradition.

A Citizen's Guide To Presidential Nominations

RRP $286.99

The method the United States uses to nominate presidential candidates can sometimes seem like a media circus, over-hyped and overly speculative. Yet the process is one distinct to American politics, crucial to the way that students and citizens comprehend politics and participation. This concise and coherent Citizen's Guide examines the critical issues in presidential nominations and how they affect who we as citizens choose to nominate.

Political scientist Wayne Steger defines the nominating system as an interactive process, involving both the active constituencies of a political party and the candidates themselves. He explains how candidates must appeal to a broad spectrum of elected and party officials, political activists, and aligned groups in order to form a winning coalition within their party. Historical context plays into how party coalitions change over time. Steger evokes how shifts in demographics, economic conditions, and public mood result in a changing set of issues that will be essential to voters in each election. The book then looks at how the nomination rules have changed to accommodate changing power relations within political party coalitions and innovations in technology and strategy. Finally, the guide closely considers issues of candidacy. What happens in primaries with one strong candidate versus those with a field of weaker ones? How exactly do candidates identify a path to victory? By addressing the key issues of presidential nominations and clearly elucidating the past and current factors that result in nominations, Steger's guide will be informative, relevant, and accessible for students and general readers alike.

Managing Development In A Globalized World

RRP $335.99

Traditionally, development has been rooted in ideologies and assumptions prevalent in the developed world and in practices and strategies adopted by leading industrial nations. However, historically, eclectic ideas and approaches often clash with existing long-established notions of progress and modes of realizing social and economic change. Managing Development in a Globalized World: Concepts, Processes, Institutions explores this topic by incorporating ideas and interpretations that have previously been neglected or given inadequate attention in the discourse on developing countries. It underscores development as a continuous process that must be supported by sound policies and efficient management, supplying a wider understanding of the field.

The authors argue that the application of innovative development techniques and best practices is essential for obtaining optimum results in meeting the needs of society. They examine the style of managing development with a new perspective that links the phenomenon with changing demands and the interplay of internal/external actors and a host of stakeholders. An exploration of key sectors in development provides clear comprehension of problems and solutions.

A careful synthesis of theoretical/conceptual and empirical literature, the book assesses real-world situations and provides insight into the operational dynamics of development policies, programs, and institutions. It focuses on goals, values, and dynamics of development management that are undergoing rapid changes and continue to be enhanced to alleviate poverty and improve living standards in an era of globalization and inter-regional and inter-institutional synergies. It highlights best practices essential for the efficient and effective delivery of human development services that are designed and put in place to obtain optimum results in meeting the needs of society.


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