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Globalization And Development

RRP $47.99

In this comprehensive glossary, the reader will find the necessary definitions needed to navigate the labyrinth of terms and phrases used in development literature. Unlike traditional dictionaries, this guide explains the origin of terms and places definitions within the historical context of the literature. It provides an up-to-date guide to all the terms and definitions dealing with development studies. Mason has also included information on development institutions and many of the journals and publications that have emerge from the development field. Here the reader will find clear definitions for concepts such as "dependency theory," "democratization," "gender and development," "globalization," "participation" and "patriarchy." For all those who have had to grapple with this terminology, the explanations can now be found in this complete guide.

Rethinking Border Control For A Globalizing World

RRP $359.99

This book identifies some broad parameters that could guide a political project of peacemaking at the territorial borders of the nation-state.

Contemporary border controls have been analysed by critical criminologists in terms of criminalisation and state crime, and are often characterised as a form of war at the border. In a policy context in which current understandings of the law and politics of national sovereignty and the economic imperatives of neo-liberal globalization appear to reduce the space available for practical action, this volume adopts an innovative methodology to identify the conditions of possibility for a relaxation of border defences.

Each contributor discusses the prospects for a relaxation of border controls within a specified 'border domain' that aligns with their field of expertise. These domains have been identified by asking the question: What is the purpose of contemporary territorial borders? What interests and values are they mobilised to protect? The authors engage in a thought experiment, each addressing an identical set of questions within their assigned domain. The idea is to contain the prospect of unlimited speculation about the future by setting out a series of steps derived from scenario planning techniques, in which a 'preferred future' is identified (in this case, a future in which border crossing is available on an equitable and relatively open basis), and practical steps are then identified to reach the imagined goal. The imagined future could be a differently bordered, not a borderless world. There may still be inequalities in mobility and other entitlements in practice in this differently bordered world, and it could be a more physically settled world, not necessarily a world of incessant motion. These possibilities are worked through by the individual authors' giving close attention to the empirical realities and prospects for change within their assigned domain.

This book will be of much interest to students of border studies, migration, peacemaking, critical security studies and IR in general.

Covering Globalization

RRP $354.99

The first journalism textbook for reporters who cover finance and economics in developing and transitional countries, Covering Globalization is an essential guide to the pressing topics of our times. Written by economists from the Asian Development Bank and the International Monetary Fund as well as journalists who have worked for Dow Jones, the "Financial Times, " the "New York Times, Fortune, " and Reuters -- and with an introduction by Nobel Laureate Joseph E. Stiglitz -- this invaluable resource helps reporters write about subjects such as banking and banking crises, pension reform, privatization, trade agreements, central banks, the World Bank, sovereign debt restructuring, commodity markets, corporate governance, poverty-eradication programs, and the "resource curse."

Each chapter explains the basic economic principles and current thinking on a given topic and provides

tips on what to look for when covering specific subjects;

a way to structure business and economics stories;

a way to use the Internet for reporting with links to more information online;

extensive glossaries and much more.

A Practitioners Guide To Basel Iii And Beyond

RRP $32.99

This new title covers the revised Basel Accord framework due to be introduced by 2012 in the wake of the global financial crisis. The new measures are designed to update and strengthen the resilience of the international banking sector, and this book will cover in depth what the new measures mean in practice. It will be essential reading for compliance, legal and other senior management in banks, and their advisers

Development Models, Globalization And Economies

RRP $370.99

"Development Models, Globalization and Economies" compares and critiques the different economic models available in today's global market place. The US or Anglo-Saxon model is often portrayed as the best, yet Europe has a well-known Social Model, and Asia has enjoyed success in the past wherein the "Asian economic miracle" was highly vaunted before their crash. But now Asia, especially China, is again on a roll. The book analyses how these models have influenced both regional and global development, and finally engages in discussions upon alternatives and the search for the "grail."


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